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Taking Small Steps to achieve my BIG Dreams. I write about Self-Improvement, Self-Awareness, Life Lessons, & Writing. Email me at

A minor tweak to your headline helps you get over 100 views in any story.

No Story with over 100 Views? Use One of These Two Words in Your Headline
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Many writers, especially newbies, find it hard to get their first 100 views on any of their posts. I’m not an exception.

Today, while scrolling down my stats page, I observed the stories that got above 100 views.

Here is what I observed:

One — Use 1H or 4Ws as…

With moments of time and phases of your life

Capture Your Ideas on the Spot or They Will Fly Away
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Writer’s block is not a thing now.

Many times, content creators get stuck with the creative block. It's the stage where they feel like there’s nothing they can write or create content about.

How can we overcome this apparent block?

The solution is simple.

Review your list of writing ideas…

Learn the secrets in just 3 or fewer minutes

Some Important Lessons and Gifts from My 1st Viral Story
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The first time benefits (gifts) I got are:

  1. It’s my first ever story that reached over 1k views. I have written over 200 stories on Medium.
  2. The first single-story earned me more than $10.

The way I responded to a criticizer

How I Treated a Negative Comment Differently? You May Learn Something New
Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

A single negative comment is enough to spoil your happiness. It happens to those mostly who aren’t emotionally stable, like me. But no one cares about the problems of others.

People will never stop judging you. Also, they don’t read all or most of your stories. They only read one…

It's October 13, 2021

A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Writer — Prompt 1
Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

I love figures, numbers and am fond of remembering dates and events.

I wish I could write about the day in my native language (i.e. Urdu) but most of you can’t read that. So, I’m writing that in English here.

Got fully vaccinated today after getting 2nd dose of sinovac.

It’s hard to find your latest story if you pin a lot of articles

Don’t Do This If You Want to Make Your Medium Profile Attractive
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Skimming a long list of 5 to 10 pinned stories is irritating.

It happens when a person wants to read your stories by using medium webpage. It doesn’t happen on the app of Medium.

Every time when I find a particular story in my medium feed good and interesting, I…

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