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A minor tweak to your headline helps you get over 100 views in any story.

No Story with over 100 Views? Use One of These Two Words in Your Headline
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Many writers, especially newbies, find it hard to get their first 100 views on any of their posts. I’m not an exception.

Today, while scrolling down my stats page, I observed the stories that got above 100 views.

Here is what I observed:

One — Use 1H or 4Ws as…

This is how we become our best version of ourselves

5 Things Writing on Medium Helped Me to Learn
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1. When there is no person with me to talk to, I write

I don't know what I will write, but I will write.

I know it's nothing new.

Many of you have tried this type of free writing

So, I’m also doing this.

There is a phase comes to your life when the information you’re consuming is no more adding something new.

It doesn’t mean that you have nothing to write and share

Why you don’t feel like publishing anything sometimes?
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You write several pieces, but you think all of those aren’t what you should share with others. Because many will not understand your point of view and the situation you’re in.

You just stop publishing for a few days. And want to share something that everyone can understand.

So, here I am.

I may…

By keeping earnings constant here for a while

The cost you pay while working for others is far more than what you pay while following your passion
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Earnings are a motivating factor for everyone to some extent, no doubt. Some give more importance to it, whereas others give less priority. This factor also has its rational that why some give it more and less importance.

Earnings, wages, salaries and income can motivate you to a certain level…

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