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A minor tweak to your headline helps you get over 100 views in any story.

No Story with over 100 Views? Use One of These Two Words in Your Headline
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Many writers, especially newbies, find it hard to get their first 100 views on any of their posts. I’m not an exception.

Today, while scrolling down my stats page, I observed the stories that got above 100 views.

Here is what I observed:

One — Use 1H or 4Ws as…

You aren’t only a writer but a change maker as well

8 Things I Engage Myself in When Writing Isn’t Coming to Me
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Writing comes from reading or thinking. This is confusing to me. So I started searching for them to get an answer to clear my confusion.

It doesn’t take you long to do something meaningful if you’re a focused, dedicated, and disciplined person. My habit of doing and focusing one thing…

I wonder the achievements belong to yourself or others

Why Don’t We Celebrate Our Achievements without Showing Off to Others?
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Sometimes we celebrate our achievements too much that it fades away the real purpose.

Do we just achieve to celebrate? Or there is some other good reason behind that. We need to think about that.

I don’t like to celebrate my achievements on a vast level. With only a few…

You aren’t late or early. You are on time.


There is no race of yours with anyone.

There is no competition between one person with another.

Sometimes when I even think about others' lives, I get bored. The life others are spending is boring to me because I’m not interested in others’ lives and also that the way they are living is something I don’t like.


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